Coming Soon!

After launching a successful mail order campaign, I am swamped with orders. As these are produced to fulfill demand, photos will be taken and this website updated with available inventory. Online ordering will be available toward the end of Feb 2013, but in the interim, if you see anything you like call (310) 862-6245 for current inventory or visit my Ebay Store.

Here are the items produced and pricing (some are under the products menu with photos and further descriptions.)

Large (4.25″ base) Pyramids All are $97. They are constructed with different crystals for tuning to a specific purpose.

  • General Purpose Amethyst
  • Negativity Eliminator
  • Prosperity Attractor
  • Relationship Attractor
  • Focus Enhancer
  • Healing Accelerator

Jumbo (6.25″ base) Pyramids All large pyramids are available in Jumbo size for $147 each. There are also a few “Power Houses” priced individually based on included crystals.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, sometimes (when the whether is warm and on weekends only, my products may be at the Venice Beach Boardwalk, usually space 153 (which is opposite the Figtree Cafe) with a few pieces, but call me first at (310) 862-6245 before you head out, and I’ll let you know if I (or someone) will be there and what pieces are available. Since not every piece comes out cosmetically perfect (but they are fully functional) I offer these for sale at a 50% discount, but only to local customers who can physically view them.