What Is Orgone And…

Did This Unknown Man Who Was Deemed A Quack & Died In Jail, Discover A Secret To Harnessing An Energy Force So Powerful It Could Reverse Disease, Neutralize Negative Energy, Provide Protection, And Amplify Anything You’ve Ever Wanted (True Love, Money) From Intention To Physical Manifestation?

Have you ever felt so drained by negativity that even one positive stride forward seems to be offset by many steps back?

Have you ever felt on top of the world, even just for a minute, with such powerful intentions and ideas only to find out later that some unknown force out of nowhere seems to step in and kibosh everything?
Have you ever been lucky enough to be with people that always seem to have everything going for them, and while you are with them, you feel invincible, but moments later, you’re stuck again vibrating with what seems to be people or forces that drag you down?

Me too.

Whether it was an increase in the negativity around me, or some curve ball thrown by the universe to mess up a good business deal, something (and I can’t explain what) would always stop me from being 100% focused in a positive direction and moving forward, even though I tried following Law of Attraction techniques to the T. Something would always seem to “pop up” out of nowhere and counteract steps taken forward, usually leaving me in a bigger hole than I dug myself out of to begin with.

In 1999 I began to investigate these forces, and in addition to running two businesses that had ups and downs, I later opened a small metaphysical store to pursue my hobby and stay surrounded by “good” forces. In that period, I learned a lot about the subtle forces of pendants, crystals, rituals, candles, incense, sage, and more.

My friends thought I was a total nut case (even though I’m with the woman of my dreams and making tons of money in a home-based business and have other ventures that are doing well).

While on this path, my research uncovered something from 1930 that had nothing to do with the stuff I was using and had for sale. There were no books for sale on this. I stumbled upon research by Wilhelm Reich who had outrageous claims of an energy force he discovered. This energy (which he termed Orgone) had amazing beneficial effects. He used it to cure disease (including cancer and mental illness) and later discovered that Orgone changes the immediate environment by converting dead, negative energy into positive, life-force energy which has profound effects on anything in its vicinity.

Reich first discovered Orgone in the human body and cured disease by correcting imbalances, but later found that it is everywhere, including the atmosphere, and that it can correct energy imbalances, amplify thought, and manifest it. It is so powerful, that in the proper configuration, it can clear clouds above!

Whatever dead, or negative energy is in your space can instantly be transformed!

Whatever thought you may have of manifesting the relationship of your desires, attracting money, or anything, can be amplified, manifested, and filtered out so that only positive outcomes occur without interference!

Dead (or negative) energy passes through the generator and gets converted to positive, life-giving energy. You don’t even have to do anything, other than set it around you or in the area you want to improve. It doesn’t require batteries, charging, or electricity. Once it’s fabricated, it’s completely self-contained and never needs to be replaced, recharged, or anything like that. In other words, it lasts a lifetime and you’ll get the same effect from it in twenty years from now that you will today.
As a side note, things were going really well for me in other businesses back then, and the real estate I bought to run the metaphysical shop for $80,000 was worth $460,000 two years later, so I sold it in order to focus on the business that was making me real money.

Ironically afterward, things started to collapse. I didn’t think anything of it, but the Orgone generator was where I spent most of my time — In my office at the metaphysical store where I also conducted all other business activities. After it was boxed up and in a storage unit, the seemingly random negative forces were no longer kept at bay (I guess the storage unit had some really good energy in it though). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that having the Orgone generator made such a huge difference.

A few years later, I was cleaning out the storage unit and there it was. I took it home and things started to change back for the better. At that point, I made a few more, so I have one on my desk, one near my bed, one in the living room, and a spare to carry with me. I could just carry one with me everywhere, but I found it helps to leave one or two in the places you spend most of your time, even when you’re not there, so the energy stays positive.

Advances Since The Thirties

Reich’s original generator was composed of alternating layers of a 50/50 matrix of inorganic and organic material, usually a mix of metal and epoxy or polyester resin.

Adding certain crystals and changing the geometry has been shown to enhance the effects of an Orgone Generator (although the original domes and muffins are quite powerful). The model kept on my work desk is replicated to the exact specifications of the Giza Pyramid and contains specific crystals used for focus and drawing money. My focus, surroundings, and business is at heights never seen before.

Pyramids are more powerful, because as the layers are alternated toward the narrowing top, energy becomes more concentrated. Plus, their surface area is much larger than the original design.
Producing these is not a primary business I engage in (just like the little shop I had years ago wasn’t), but figured since it works so well and I like making them (and being around the energy), that others might want to know about it.

I have a primary direct mail business, and recently I introduced Orgone to my existing customers. I might have sent out too many flyers at once, thinking it might not go over very well, but surprisingly, I have been swamped with orders. I’m slowly updating this site with photos and descriptions, so check back soon!

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, sometimes (when the whether is warm and on weekends only, my products may be at the Venice Beach Boardwalk, space 153 with a few pieces, but call me first at (310) 862-6245 before you head out, and I’ll let you know if I (or someone) will be there and what pieces are available.